The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) calls for an enabling environment for European philanthropy

TGE joins DAFNE and EFC in welcoming the EESC adoption of an Opinion on the European philanthropic sector.

Publication date: 23 May 2019

TGE joins Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe (DAFNE) and the European Foundation Centre (EFC) in welcoming the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) adoption on 15 May of an Opinion on the European philanthropy sector.

Entitled “European philanthropy: an untapped potential”, the Opinion calls on Member States to “establish an enabling environment for philanthropy in line with EU freedoms and fundamental rights”; “recognise the added value that philanthropy can bring”; and “promote philanthropy as a form of demonstrating social commitment”. The EESC also addresses the need for the facilitation of cross-border philanthropy.

To consult the EESC Opinion in its different language versions, visit their website.

The Opinion was requested by the Romanian presidency. The rapporteur, Petru Sorin Dandea, was supported by Ludwig Forrest from the King Baudouin Foundation as expert.

For more information, please find DAFNE and EFC joint press release here.