Practical Philanthropy Across Europe

Practical Philanthropy Across Europe (PPE) is an informal gathering of the most ambitious and leading performers in the field of philanthropy and fundraising that has organized a yearly conference since 2015.

The goal of the yearly PPE conferences is an exchange of experience, ideas, inspiration and
qualified feedback.

The more than two hundred participants of the PPE are all on a senior management level
(Directors, Heads of Communication, Development and Funding), in leading scientific,
educational and cultural institutions across Europe.

We represent 19 different countries and a wide area of topics and areas of development:

traditional universities, technical universities, fine art museums, single artist museums, natural history museums, national galleries, ballet troupes, national philharmonics, jazz orchestras, national museums and much more!

The 4th annual KBFUS ALUMNI CONFERENCE will be held the 18th of May in Warsaw – find more information here.