From the United Kingdom


PARTNER: Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

CONTACT: [email protected]

OPTIONS FOR DONATIONS:  Bank transfer /cheques.

Please remember in all your donations by bank transfer to include the structured communication


MINIMUM REQUIRED:  Yes £250 per person/company

TIME TO TRANSFER THE GIFTS: Daily transfers once tax is received, could be up to six weeks

REPORTING TO BENEFICIARIES: Upon disbursement of funds

OTHER REMARKS: Donor will need to complete a gift request form and Gift Aid declaration (individuals) and be electronically verified before they are invited to transfer funds(Know Your Costumer procedure). For high value donations, source of funds and/or wealth documents will also be requested.


-Once the donors make contact on [email protected] they will be promptly sent a Gift Request form and Gift Aid Declaration form.

-Once the forms are returned they get processed for our KYC checks. This is a fairly swift process normally no longer than a day or two. The donor will either pass the checks, and our bank details sent to them by return, or if they haven’t passed. We’ll ask them to double check that the information provided is accurate, and if it is we’d need some proof of ID documents and/or proof of residence documents.

-Once the donor funds have been received, we make a Gift Aid Claim (tax), this typically takes 4-8 weeks to come back to us from our tax office. Once Gift Aid  is received. The Gift and the Gift Aid, Minus the TGE fee and bank charge is forwarded over to the beneficiary (charity).

*CURRENCY:If the donor has sent Euros in to us, then we’ll make two transactions. The Euros sent out almost straight away, and then the GBP Gift Aid later when it arrives, but this does incur two bank transactional charges.

*AFTER THE DONATION:The beneficiary will need to return a section of the CAF receipt back to them, describing how the funds have/will be used charitably. This is fairly important, so further donations don’t get delayed.