Making a cross-border donation from Switzerland

Are you an individual or corporate donor based in Switzerland and looking to make a cross-border donation to a European non-profit organisation in a secure and tax-efficient manner? 

Transnational Giving Europe and our Swiss partner foundation – the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation can help you to do so.

PARTNER: SWISS PHILANTHROPY FOUNDATION, Place de Cornavin 2 – P.O. box 2097, 1211 Geneva 1

CONTACT: Ms Aïssata Traoré [email protected] (+41 22 732 55 54)

OPTIONS FOR DONATIONS:  Bank transfer only. SPF has different bank accounts dedicated to the TGE in four different currencies: EUR, CHF, GBP and USD.

Please remember in all your donations by bank transfer to include the structured communication in all your donations by bank transfer:



MINIMUM DONATION AMOUNT: CHF 500 or its equivalent in EUR, USD, GBP. Donations between CHF 500 and CHF 50’000 are automatically accepted. Above this amount donations are subject to discussion and potential meeting with the donor.  

DONATION TRANSFER TIME: On a quarterly basis (at the end of: March, June, September, December)

EMISSION OF FISCAL RECEIPTS: By post, once a year in February of the year following the donation

REPORTING TO BENEFICIARIES: On a quarterly basis SPF sends a donation statement to the beneficiary after the transfer of the gift.

OTHER REMARKS:  Before making the gift the donor has to contact Swiss Philanthropy Foundation to inform them of:

– his/her name and tax-residence address in Switzerland;

– the amount of donation and its currency;

– the final beneficiary organization of this gift.

The donor waits for SPF’s confirmation that the due diligence is completed and the gift can be accepted.