The Art Pledge – 1st art x cause global platform

Publication date: 12 Sep 2022

The Art Pledge is an alliance of galleries, artists, NGOs, collectors and art lovers that want to make contemporary art a meaningful force for a better life, planet and future.

Founded by Didier Saulnier, The Art Pledge platform was conceived in the framework of the seminal artists4climate’s initiative organized on the occasion of the UNFCCC COP21 in Paris 2015, which culminated in the Paris Agreement.


It’s magic formula consists in #Buy meaningful art + #Impact defining causes = Make life better.


What really matters for the Art Pledge is the meaning of a piece of art and the visibility of the artist in the contemporary world, rather than the decorative and speculative (profit oriented) value of the art work.

In this “volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world”, The Art Pledge wants to be a forum for art lovers and beyond “everyday do-gooders” that bring Art back closer to Life and make human and nonhuman lives better.

With this aim, The Art Pledge has put in place a system according to which 10% of every sale of a piece of art goes to an NGO chosen by the buyer, among 7000 projects in 175 countries, on a cause chosen by the artist, within the 17 UN Global Goals.

Working in close collaboration with Transnational Giving Europe Network and GlobalGiving, The Art Pledge is offering a wide range of projects dedicated to all cause front lines of the world.

What also makes The Art Pledge remarkable is its eco-responsible shopping tunnel. It is  the first platform in the art world that measure the volume of CO2 emissions according to the shipping option chosen by the buyer. A CO2 calculator built with The Carbon Accounting Company determines the carbon cost of transporting the work and encourage low-emission shipping options.


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