CALENDAR – “TGE Network: Cross-border Donations in Europe”, a HIGGS event

Our Greek TGE partner invites you to its online event on Thursday 29th October 2020

Publication date: 28 Oct 2020

Having joined the TGE Network a few months ago, HIGGS aims to promote the possibilities and opportunities that TGE can offer to donors and beneficiaries in Greece. Non-profits can increase the amount of donations they receive from Europe by joining the Network, and individuals or companies can donate to non-profits abroad with tax advantages if they go through TGE.

The “TGE Network: Cross-border Donations in Europe” event will give detailed information to interested donors and beneficiaries. Various topics will be addressed: The challenges for the donors who give transnationally, the benefits of the TGE Network, the experience of a non-profit regarding the process and benefits of joining the Network, the most effective communication methods to attract more donors from abroad, the experience of donors who have donated through the TGE Network to Nonprofits abroad, and the changes that the first transnational online giving platform of TGE Network bring to Europe.

The online event is organised in collaboration with Transnational Giving Europe, the King Baudouin Foundation, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, Fondation de France and ΕΛΙΖΑ – Εταιρεία κατά της κακοποίησης του παιδιού. Each of these partners will have a representative as a speaker:
Anne-Laure Paquot, Manager – Transnational Giving Europe Network
Ludwig Forrest, Head of International Philanthropy – King Baudouin Foundation, Belgium
Marie Caillat, Head of International Development – Fondation de France, France
Aïssata Traoré, Project Coordinator – Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, Switzerland
Aphrodite Stathi, Executive Director – ELIZA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Greece
Sotiris Petropoulos, Director – HIGGS, Greece

Interested? You can register here until 28/10 (free entrance)

Practical information:

More information about HIGGS
HIGGS is the first Incubator & Accelerator for Nonprofits in Greece. It was founded in 2015, with the aim to reinforce Non-profit organizations, through capacity building, in particular training, mentoring, networking and events. HIGGS provides the Nonprofits with the necessary skills, tools, knowledge and support, in order to operate effectively to the full of their capacity and maximize their social impact. HIGGS joined the TGE network in 2019.