CALENDAR – Lang Philanthropy Day VI

Fondazione Lang Italia is organizing the sixth edition of the Lang Philanthropy Day in Milano, October 25.

Publication date: 27 Aug 2018

A whole day dedicated to the most innovative tools to make a new kind of philanthropy: diversified, global, collaborative and more business-like, focused on intervention and investment models to produce a measurable impact, both at an economic and social level.

This is the Lang Philanthropy Day, this year at its fifth edition, the event on Strategic Philanthropy organized by Lang Italia. The event will take place on October 25th 2018 at Palazzo Clerici, an historical palace in the center of Milan, and will see the participation of international foundations end experts from all over the world.


During the day, the focus will be on main themes that are shaping the debate in Italy and abroad over the necessary evolution of philanthropy to go beyond short-term projects-support towards:

  1. Investing on the capacity and sustainability of non profit organizations
  2. Focusing on the results achieved by the organization rather than on its “overhead”
  3. Designing projects based on the Theory of Change that puts outcomes rather than outputs at the forefront
  4. Assessing the social impact that has been generated
  5. Choosing the right legal vehicle to achieve the philanthropic goals
  6. Defining the right mix of models (philanthropy or social investment)

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