We are proud to share the newest edition of our Annual Report, reviewing the results and highlights of 2018 for the TGE Network.

Publication date: 23 Jul 2019

The Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) Network was founded in 1998 to address the lack of fiscal harmonization within Europe, which to this day continues to prevent cross-border philanthropy from reaching its full potential.

More than twenty years later, TGE remains the only practical solution for tax-effective donations all across Europe.

In 2018, the Network channelled the highest amount of donations since its creation. The challenge will be to keep this trend of steady growth in the future. The impressive results of the last year show the increasing importance of cross-border giving in Europe and highlight the need for constant improvement of our processes.

Throughout the year, the TGE Network also pursued its efforts to enhance the efficiency of its activities. We are particularly proud of the step taken to digitalize our internal application processes.

We are confident the future will bring more exciting new opportunities for all partners to grow together as an ever stronger network. 2019 will see TGE embarks on its next adventure: to bring cross-border online giving possibilities closer to European donors.

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Find out all about our activities, results and strong moments in 2018 by reading our new Annual Report.