2021 – An astounding year for European generosity

Publication date: 19 Sep 2022

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and the crisis that followed, our societies and lives were tested in unprecedented ways and showed the immense generosity of European donors. One year later, this generosity shows no sign of abatement.

Despite these challenges and hardships, 2021 has continued to show that solidarity and generosity represent, more than ever, important values for donors across Europe.

With more than 30,6 million euros channeled between January and December 2021, Transnational Giving Europe has witnessed a major wave of donations across all philanthropic causes, but especially in the sectors of education and health.

European givers responded with great generosity donating more than 10.7 million €  to support the education sector and other 9 million € were allocated to the health sector, from which 66 thousand € were exclusively destinated to actions to combat Covid-19.

Every year, TGE grows a little bit more, thanks to the work of all our partners over Europe, and beyond. The network took a giant step forward in 2021, and we will continue to build on this, together.

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Find out all about our activities, results and strong moments in 2021 by reading our Annual Report below.