Curious of what we did in 2017? The full Annual Report for 2017 is now available.

Interview with Etienne Eichenberger

Etienne Eichenberger, Chairman of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, is sharing with us on one hand his insights on the state of philanthropy from not only a European, but also a global perspective. On the other hand, the Chairman addresses the priorities of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation for the next 12 months.

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2016 Annual report Video

19 Countries · 334 European Non Profit Organisations · 5084 Donations · 6.38 M € --- Haven't you seen our video from the 2016 Annual Report yet? Check it out!



How does it work? Transnational Giving Europe is a network of prestigious philanthropic institutions collaborating internationally to foster charitable giving within Europe and covers 19 countries.

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Partner Countries


Foundation for Poland
Foundation for Poland

ul. Kłopotowskiego 6/61 03-717 Warsaw Poland
Tel. : +48-22-54 25 880


European Foundation for Philanthropy and Society Development (EFPSD)
European Foundation for Philanthropy and Society Development (EFPSD)

Heinzelova 62A
10000 Zagreb


Swiss Philanthropy Foundation
Swiss Philanthropy Foundation

Rue De-Grenus 3 - Case postale 2097 1211 Genève 1 Switzerland
Tel. : +41-22-732 55 54


Maecenata Stiftung
Maecenata Stiftung

Rungestraße 17, 10179 Berlin, Germany
Tel. : +49 30 2838 7909


Fondazione Lang Europe Onlus
Fondazione Lang Europe Onlus

Fondazione Lang Italia
Piazza Sant'Ambrogio, 2
20123 Milano
Tel. +39-02-36635131


The Transnational Giving Europe network welcomes and supports this momentum and the progress that has already been made regarding changes to the national laws of Member States in two ways - By continuing to seek new partners to increase tax-effective giving in all Member States of the EU until all legal and practical barriers to cross-border giving within the EU are removed. - By providing concrete, valuable and free information to donors, intermediaries and beneficiaries that wish to give or receive a cross-border donation or legacy.

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    TGE envisions a generous Europe of secure and facilitated cross-border philanthropy

    We aim to facilitate cross-border philanthropy in Europe by providing a secure and efficient solution to enable donors to give; to promote cross-border philanthropy through the exchange of information and best practices; to improve and extend the TGE network to new countries as a trusted and practical service for a tax-effective philanthropy across Europe.

    We are committed to: - Promoting solidarity across European borders - Transparency, integrity and non-discrimination - Firm due diligence