Ludwig Forrest’s interview on cross-border philanthropy with Philanthropy Advocacy

As coordinator of Transnational Giving Europe and Head of International Philanthropy at the King Baudouin Foundation, Ludwig Forrest gave an interview for the joint Dafne and EFC project.

Publication date: 26 Jan 2021

Ludwig Forrest, the TGE coordinator, has over two decades of experience of advocating for and facilitating cross-border philanthropy. In this interview, he discusses with the Philanthropy Advocacy team the origins of TGE, why the pandemic makes cross-border giving more essential than ever, and what the roadmap looks like to an empowered, borderless European philanthropic sector.

The Dafne and EFC joint advocacy project “Philanthropy Advocacy” acts as a monitoring, legal analysis and policy engagement hub for European philanthropy. Its main objective is to shape the national, European and international legislative environment by implementing the European advocacy roadmap for a Single Market for Philanthropy.

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