Have a read through the 2019 edition of our Annual Report, reviewing the results and highlights of last year for the TGE Network.

Publication date: 17 Nov 2020

In 2019, the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) Network continued to address the problem of lack of fiscal harmonization within Europe. Cross-border philanthropy is still far from reaching its full potential, but we make progress each year, and 2019 wasn’t an exception.

To this day, TGE remains the only practical solution for tax-effective donations all across Europe, with more than 20 years of existence. 

In 2019, the Network channeled the highest amount of donations since its creation, even more than in 2018 which already was a record-breaking year. This growth is very promising, but it needs to be kept steady in the future. Cross-border giving in Europe is gaining more and more importance, we witness the continuous growth from one year to the other, the results are impressive.  

We are convinced it is essential for European Philanthropic actors to be precursors and propose concrete and innovative solutions when engaging with policymakers.  

Along with two of our main beneficiaries, Fedora and Common Goal, the TGE Network was developing a unique Transnational Giving Platform throughout the year, which will enable users from all over Europe to make online tax-deductible donations to the hundreds of TGE-accredited beneficiaries. We are confident that this flagship project will contribute to bringing the European philanthropic sector forward and will represent a new tool and argument when engaging with lawmakers at the EU level.

We are confident the future will bring more exciting new opportunities for all partners to grow together as an ever stronger network. 2020 will be the year where TGE embarks on its next adventure: the Online Giving Platform, with the goal to bring cross-border giving possibilities closer to European donors. 

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