PPE 2018 – Save the Date

Practical Philanthropy across Europe

4th Annual KBFUS ALUMNI CONFERENCE | 18 may 2018
Zachęta – National Gallery of Art, WARSAW, POLAND






Friday, 18 May 2018

Zachęta – National Gallery of Art, Warsaw



Dear Alumni of KBF-US and Colleagues of Practical Philanthropy across Europe,

It is with great pleasure that we now confirm that we’ll hold our 4th annual gathering of KBF-US alumni in Warsaw!

We – the KBF-US alumni – and also now the members of Practical Philanthropy across Europe (PPE), the organisation that we launched at our Paris conference in April 2017 – are a select few. We consist of more than 200 of the most progressive fundraisers from all the mayor European institutions in the area of Science, Education and Culture. All of us have been a part of the KBF-US program in New York and use our learning in different ways across Europe.

All of us professionals in the field of philanthropy are affected by the great challenges, caused by the ripples of the shifting focus and priorities of pan-European and national politics in the area of Culture, Science and Education. These aren’t challenges isolated to a single country or region, of course, but are a trans-national (and international) phenomenon.

At a time when the public will depend more than ever on our work, enlightened conversations between ourselves on the future of our activities are needed more than ever.

PPE members will have the benefit of hearing from experts both in education/research and art/culture. You can find the full programme through this link: 4th PPE Workshop – Programme.

Again we are grateful to announce that the workshop is only made possible by the generous support of the King Baudouin Foundation and Transnational Giving Europe.

There is only space for a limited number of participants (50) so please save the date and confirm your participation with Zofia at z.kozniewska@zacheta.art.pl  as soon as possible. Please note that your registration will only be completed once your payment is processed (payments details will be sent shortly).